John Barton

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I'm using quantitative methods to study the evolution of human pathogens and immunology. In particular, I'm interested in understanding how highly mutable pathogens such as HIV interact and co-evolve with the human immune system, and how we might use that knowledge to develop better vaccines or immunotherapies to fight them.

I also work on statistical inference methods, with a particular focus on graphical models. How can we efficiently infer such models from data, and what are their limitations?

My work in both of these areas is influenced by my background in statistical physics.

Currently I'm a postdoc in the lab of Arup Chakraborty in the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT. I graduated from Duke University with degrees in Physics and Mathematics, and completed my PhD in Physics with Joel Lebowitz at Rutgers University.

Here you can find some information about me as well as my papers and computational projects. The layout for this website is adapted from a design by Trevor Bedford, who has generously made his code freely available here.